Cultural Awareness Trainers

Cultural awareness training is a PAR program requirement for committed-level companies. It allows companies to build a framework over a three-phased process within the three-year timeline to integrate a reset in their organizational thinking and approach to working with and impacting in First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities.

Cultural awareness trainers (CAT) are required to be a Certified Aboriginal Business (CAB) trained in the PAR framework and criteria to understand and support the intent of any PAR certified organization.

Trainers offer various types of instruction but are required to deliver on the themes of history, protocol, etiquette and approach.

CCAB would like to acknowledge the following Certified Aboriginal Businesses that provide cultural awareness training to organizations that have made a commitment to the PAR program.

Dean Bethune and Jim Leonard

Location: Fort Francis, Ontario

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Anokiigamig e-Learning

Jason Carter

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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Bear Standing Tall & Associates

Trina Maher

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Bridging Concepts

Pascal Porlier

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Cain Lamarre

Maynard Harry

Location: British Columbia

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Indigenous Insight

Melanie Lizotte

Location: Alberta

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Inspired Connections Consulting

Lionel Drouin

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LDC Solutions Inc.

Larry Robinson

Location: Ontario

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Mahkos Consulting

Trish Meekins

Location: Saugeen Ojibway Nation Territory (Grey and Bruce Counties)

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Holly Fortier

Location: Alberta

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Nisto Consulting

Jennifer David

Location: Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut

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NVision Insight Group Inc.

Bryan Hansen

Location: Vancouver, BC

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Organization Culture Initiatives

Leah Horzempa

Location: Toronto, ON

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Sister Circle Consulting

Kirstine Baccar

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario

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