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Location: Saugeen Ojibway Nation Territory (Grey and Bruce Counties)

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Trish Meekins

Email: nikaanaganaa@gmail.com

Phone: (519)-376-8628

Website: https://trishmeekins.com/

Online Training Available: Coming Soon…

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Trish is a Bodawadomi/Mohawk woman who is a member of the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation in beautiful Neyaashiinigmiing.

Trish is Snapping Turtle Clan and carries the spirit name Evening Hummingbird Woman (Nakshii Nanooshkaas Kwe).  Trish is a mother of four young men and lives and works in her home territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation Territory (Grey and Bruce Counties).

She is a granddaughter of Wilmer and Lucie Nadjiwon and daughter to John Meekins and Anita Nadjiwon.  Her family, community, nation, roots and culture are of utmost importance to her and she  believes she is doing the work Creator has set out for her.

Workshop: Trish provides cultural sensitivity and awareness training to companies and organizations, to assist them in their understanding of the relational history of First Nations peoples in Canada with the crown/government.  It is important for all Canadians to know and understand this history so that we may better service our Indigenous peoples as well as to begin to bridge the gap in services and infrastructure that exists today.  Many of us have been taught to work and believe in ways that continue systemic racism without realizing we are doing so.  Trish helps to debunk some of the myths and stereotypes that have been longstanding within our Canadian history.

Through the ongoing colonization and oppression experienced by the First Nations peoples throughout Canada, you will learn how to use an approach that facilitates a respectful and trusting relationship.  Unfortunately, many Indigenous peoples continue to be marginalized.  With the recent recommendations by Chief Justice Murray Sinclair through the Truth and Reconciliation, there is evidence that this topic needs to be explored.  If this is something that you feel would be useful to your organization, Trish will meet and consult with you about the kind of information that would assist you in developing your business and community relations.