About CCAB Research

CCAB Research fosters meaningful relationships between the public and private sectors and Indigenous peoples, communities and businesses. Our research aims to improve public and private policy, and to advocate for Indigenous businesses.

CCAB research is impact-focused. Our work has been used to develop policies and programs for Federal and Provincial governments, Corporate Canada and to support Aboriginal communities and companies. By identifying how Aboriginal businesses could be taking part in your supply chains, making direct connections through networking events or developing customized business lists of relevant Aboriginal companies, our research can help unlock potential and forge meaningful relationships with Aboriginal peoples, businesses and communities for your organization.

Our team provides custom-designed research projects to suit your individual needs. Currently, CCAB research projects report on the size and scope of the Aboriginal economy as related to:

  • Procurement of Aboriginal businesses;
  • Aboriginal trade and export;
  • Aboriginal participation in technology, innovation and the future of work;
  • Community economic development; and
  • Various other region and sector specific topics.
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For more information, contact:

Samantha Morton
Director of Research

416.961.8663 ext. 242

Featured Reports

This report analyzes the Federal Supply Chain and the corresponding Indigenous businesses, finding optimistic results for Indigenous capacity. It provided data driven support for the Federal 5% Indigenous procurement target.

The Business Reconciliation in Canada guidebook is a starting place for building respectful and sustainable business partnerships – whether you’re a large corporation or startup.

CCAB conducted a national survey interviewing executives and community leadership on the role of Aboriginal Economic Development Corporations in their communities.

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