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Samantha Morton
Director of Research

416.961.8663 ext. 242

CCAB Research has expertise in translating information – to insights – to action. Providing data-driven policy recommendations for all levels of government, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal business, and academic leaders.

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Product Description Price*
Business List:

CCAB Research can provide targeted selections from our comprehensive Aboriginal business directory to aid in fulfilling supply chain and business development needs.

  • Targeted list of 10-25 firms according to relevant sector and location needs
  • Approx. 10,000 Aboriginal business names, including contact information
Roundtable & Forum:

CCAB can provide options for small-scale events, such as roundtable discussions and focus groups. Intimate events with business professionals and industry experts can provide valuable insight into relevant client topics.

  • Pricing based on theme, sector, and location requirements
  • Participants can include  Aboriginal entrepreneurs and business professionals, corporate sector, government, think tanks and academic leaders
  • 20-45 guests
Large Event:

CCAB can provide options for large-scale events with a guest list of 80-120 guests, including members of the Aboriginal business, corporate sector and academia. Events will be targeted relative to the chosen theme/subject and can include informative and interactive aspects, such as presentations, panel discussions, break-out groups, networking opportunities, etc.


  • Pricing based on theme or objective, sectors, and location
  • Fees include: event planning, logistics, speaker recruitment, branding and event promotion, day-of execution, etc.
  • Attendee recruitment from CCAB’s Aboriginal business, corporate and government networks
  • High profile speakers and industry experts
  • 80-120 guests
Preliminary Research Report:

CCAB Research can collect preliminary data from individual in-person interviews, online and telephone surveys, or focus groups, leveraging our network of Aboriginal entrepreneurs and professionals across Canada. Research reports are typically completed within 4 to 6-month timelines and include a minimum of 30 participants.

  • Preliminary research providing analysis of existing CCAB data on Aboriginal entrepreneurs, Economic Development Corporations, Community Leadership, etc. or collecting new information through selected methodology, research questions and goals
  • Report to include data analysis and qualitative input (10-15 pages)
Comprehensive Research Report:

CCAB can provide more in-depth, comprehensive research reports that include a broader range of survey questions, various data-gathering strategies, and increased sample size to produce qualitative and quantitative insights. Research reports are typically completed in a 10 to 12-month period and include a minimum of 50 participants.

  • Extensive Research Report with large sample size, in-depth analysis and additional case studies depending on theme
  • Cost includes research, analysis, report drafting, marketing and communications, research promotion and report launch depending on funder requirements
  • Report to include in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis and case studies (20+ pages)


* All prices shown above are based on average size of CCAB projects. Budgets are flexible to meet client needs and will differ based on scope, timeline and deliverables.