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Certified Aboriginal Business (CAB)


For inquiries regarding CAB and/or membership, please contact:

Ken Montour
Director, Membership

416.961.8663 ext. 229


Summer Jones
Senior Associate, Membership

416.961.8663 ext. 236


Membership related questions can be emailed to: memberrelations@ccab.com

Certified Aboriginal Business Program (CAB)

CCAB’s CAB program certifies that Aboriginal Businesses are 51% or more owned and controlled by an Aboriginal person(s). CAB ensures that Aboriginal businesses are easily identified by industry, government and other organizations and certified businesses can promote themselves using the designated CAB logo.

Certified businesses will be identified as CAB in the member directory found on CCAB’s website and will have access to tender opportunities posted by CCAB corporate members. All Aboriginal businesses wishing to become certified must complete the Membership & CAB Application and provide supporting documentation listed below. After a thorough review of this documentation, CCAB confirms they are an Aboriginal business as defined by CCAB.

What’s required to become a Certified Aboriginal Business?

1. CCAB Membership
2. 51% or more Aboriginal ownership and control
3. Proof of Aboriginal heritage of owner(s), acceptable documents include:

  • Indian Status Card, or:
    Valid identification provided by the following:
  • Métis National Council Governing Membership
  • Inuit Beneficiary Card
  • Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) Affiliate Membership
  • Northwest Territories Land Claim Settlement Beneficiaries
  • Confirmed Alberta Métis Settlement Members
  • Northwest Territory Métis Nation Membership
  • Membership in a historic Métis community recognized as independent and rights-bearing by a provincial or Canadian federal government.

4. Applicants must also provide:

  • Proof of ownership and control documents listed (based on the Ownership Structure Type) on our online application form.

CAB Value and Benefits

  • Using the designated CAB logo, certified Aboriginal businesses are easily identified by industry, government and other organizations.
  • CAB members are identified in the public member profile listing found on CCAB’s website.
  • CCAB’s Aboriginal Procurement Marketplace is an online buying and selling marketplace. CAB members have access to this two-way directory and procurement contacts at various corporations; and have access to corporate and government tender opportunities posted by our corporate members and CCAB staff on a regular basis.



  • With an aim to increase procurement opportunities to Indigenous suppliers, CCAB has partnered with the City of Toronto through their Social Procurement Program, so CAB companies can participate in the invitational bid process and submit a quote for contracts valued between $3000 and $100,000.
  • Special rates for CAB members to several of CCAB’s virtual events are available to CAB members.
  • CAB members enjoy several complimentary webinars throughout the year to learn more
    about strategic sourcing and corporate and government contracting processes.

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