Organization Culture Initiatives

Welcome! If you are interested in a formal introduction to PAR Cultural Awareness Trainer Organization Culture Initiatives please contact jfinley@ccab.com with your name and contact information.

Organization Culture Initiatives

Location: Vancouver, BC

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Bryan Hansen

Email: bryan@oci.solutions

Phone: 604-818-6174


Online Training Available: Yes

Cultural Awareness Trainer: OCI believes that silence breeds stigma.
As an Indigenous-owned company, our goal is to empower organizations with information that will enable them to meet the modern expectations of Indigenous awareness and reconciliation. We help organizations unlearn the engrained stigma entrenched into our culture that surrounds Indigenous Peoples to make a more inclusive, diverse working environment.


We recognize that every business is unique, as are the local Indigenous communities within the geography areas they operate. OCI offers personalized Organization Indigenous Policies, Local Indigenous Implementation Plans, Corporate Awareness and Educational Sessions, Monthly Awareness Materials, and Supplier Diversity Overview and Implementation.

We truly believe that if people become empowered with knowledge, then they become empowered with a voice and these voices are needed now as much as they’ve ever been.