Superior Strategies

Welcome! If you are interested in a formal introduction to Superior Strategies PAR Cultural Awareness Trainer company please contact jfinley@ccab.com with your name and contact information.

Superior Strategies

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Kirstine Baccar

Email: kbaccar@superior-strategies.ca

Phone: (807)-621-5726

Website: https://www.superior-strategies.ca/

Online Training Available: Yes

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Kristine Baccar is a trainer at Superior Strategies, a First Nation-owned firm that provides Cultural Awareness Training sessions for individuals, teams, and organizations via face to face, e-learning, or virtual delivery of their services looking to increase dialogue, engagement and inclusion with First Nation communities.

Workshop: By providing a historical context and overview and tools that will create an appreciation of the communities of interest. Superior Strategies aims to assist organizations to gain a better understanding of cultural challenges in a multicultural workplace and provides customized training that prepares any organization to work with, in and for First Nation communities.