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Bridging Concepts

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Trina Maher


Phone: (705)-790-0536

Website: Bridging Concepts

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Trina Maher is the Chief Creative Spirit and President at Bridging Concepts, a boutique human resources consulting entity that helps companies accelerate their Indigenous workplace development strategies with sound advice, training and community engagement.

Since 1999, Trina has devoted her career to helping ‘people and ideas connect’ for the purpose of opening and sustaining meaningful relationships in support of Indigenous workforce talent development. As one of Canada’s top-flight corporate Indigenous human resource management trainers, having delivered a few hundred workshops nationwide, she has gained the trust and respect of her clients among government agencies and companies within the technology, banking, mining, forestry, advanced manufacturing and hospitality sectors, and others because of her approach and customized conversations tailored to the needs of each organization.

She has helped non-profit organizations and industry associations also better understand how to create effective partnerships and communicate with Indigenous communities to increase brand awareness, build trust, and open new doors for conversations.

Trina enjoys bringing creative thinking and a solution-focused mindset to assisting clients to reach their goals with purpose. She is a member of Mattagami First Nation, Ontario, who also has a proud background of French. Being raised in this duality of cultures offers her a unique perspective and teaching philosophy in her elite & customized approach to her work.  She is known for her unique approach of infusing cutting edge contemporary research and strategies with an Indigenous worldview to teach ideas in a way that inspires change, hope and advancement.

Through her workshops, keynotes and inspiring conversations she continues to bring people together to look at ways to collaborate and grow towards economic and employment prosperity by building a foundation of common understanding.

More Information: Trina helps teams accelerate their performance by infusing top-notch organizational development strategies with an Indigenous worldview and teachings that support teams to improve their engagement  & accountability in the areas of personal leadership, communications, and wellness.