LDC Solutions Inc.

Welcome! If you are interested in a formal introduction to LDC Solutions Inc. PAR Cultural Awareness Trainer please contact jfinley@ccab.com with your name and contact information.

LDC Solutions Inc.

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Lionel Drouin

Email: lionel@ldcsolutions.ca

Phone: (514)-461-0843

Website: http://www.ldcsolutions.ca/

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Lionel Drouin is part of the team at LDC Solutions Inc., founded in 2011 and headquartered in the nation’s capital. An Indigenous-owned firm specializing in the provision of recruitment and consulting services, LDC Solutions helps aid Indigenous inclusion programs and Indigenous cultural awareness programs.

LDC Solutions Inc., was established to provide services to various industries, both public and private including federal government, aerospace, pharma, automotive, mining and exploration, oil and gas, software development and IT, and to First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities. As an Indigenous-owned company, LDC Solutions Inc., prides itself on working in a meaningful way with communities and clients.

More Information: Social and economic reconciliation are prime objectives that have fostered the creation of Indigenous cultural awareness and sensitivity training for organizations as well as career training programs for the Indigenous communities to help build bridges and sustainable relationships.

LDC Solutions holds Indigenous values and concepts at its core. We respect the unique cultures and histories of Indigenous communities and employ Indigenous approaches in all our work.

Our vision is to provide corporate, Indigenous, and government clients with cost-effective business solutions guided by Indigenous principles that will grow the greater vision for tomorrow.