Indigenous Insight

Welcome! If you are interested in a formal introduction to Indigenous Insight PAR Cultural Awareness Trainer please contact jfinley@ccab.com with your name and contact information.

Indigenous Insight

Location: British Columbia

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Maynard Harry

Email: maynard@indigenousinsight.ca

Phone: (604)-223-7462

Website: https://indigenousinsight.ca/

Cultural Awareness Trainer: Qwastånayå (or Leon Maynard Harry), Founder & Principal Indigenous Analyst Indigenous Insight (Aboriginal-owned company operating on ɬaʔamɩn (Tla’amin) Nation lands near Powell River, British Columbia) Maynard is a member of the Tla’amin Nation and Founder of Indigenous Insight.

Maynard’s intergovernmental work was recognized at the regional level by the City of Powell River with a ‘Freedom of the Municipality’ in 2008 and by the Governor-General of Canada with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013.

Services: Indigenous Insight provides advisory services to First Nations, provincial and federal government ministries, departments (and their agencies), associations and corporate third-party interests. These services include:

  • Indigenous and Stakeholder Relations;

  • Cultural awareness training/orientation;

  • Aboriginal economic and business development;

  • Aboriginal governance, leadership and decision-making; and

  • Aboriginal rights and title (including strength of claim modelling, archaeological lobbying).