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Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.

Welcome! If you are interested in a formal introduction to Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. PAR Cultural Awareness Trainer please contact par@ccab.com with your name and contact information.

Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.

Location: Saanichton, BC

Cultural Awareness Trainer: www.ictinc.ca/about-us

Email: learn@ictinc.ca

Phone: 1-888-986-4055 xtn. 13

Website: www.ictinc.ca

Online Training Available: Yes

Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. (ICT) is an Indigenous company founded in 2002 by Bob Joseph, a Gwawaenuk Nation member, certified Master Trainer and author of the National Best-Selling books, 21 Thing You May Not Know About The Indian Act and Indigenous Relations: Insights, Tips & Suggestions To Make Reconciliation A Reality. www.ictinc.ca

ICT believes that by sharing knowledge and information through our training courses and blog we can make the world a better place for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people (www.ictinc.ca/press#print_articles).  We are your guide to Indigenous relations.

ICT has been a national leader in Indigenous awareness, cross cultural/competency, and reconciliation training. We started with one trainer and our foundational course, Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® and have grown to 5 Indigenous and subject matter expert trainers from different professional backgrounds.

We provide a safe environment for learners to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to be effective in their work and day to day interactions with Indigenous Peoples.

ICT’s 20 years of training experience covers a wide variety of sectors including all levels of Federal/Provincial/Municipal governments, resource industry (mining, forestry, oil/gas, aquaculture), Fortune 500 companies, retailers along with many public and private organizations. Check out our testimonials to see the breadth of learners we have been fortunate to work with: www.ictinc.ca/testimonials.

Informed and effective Indigenous relations training will position organizations to save time and money and contribute to overall reconciliation in Canada. To encourage learning we offer our training to individuals or to large organizations and in multiple platforms:

  • in-person
  • live virtual
  • self-guided – most economical

We provide training of the following courses in all platforms unless specified:

000 – Introductory Level Training

010 First Steps as an Indigenous Ally – Self-Guided only

020 Reconciliation Primer – Self-Guided only

030 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act Self-Guided only

100 – Foundational Level Training

100 Indigenous Awareness

100A Indigenous Relations

100LG Indigenous Relations for Local Governments

101 Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®

200 – Advanced Level Training

200 – Indigenous Consultation & Engagement

210 – Indigenous Employment: Recruitment and Retention

220 – How to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples

230 – Working with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Our Indigenous Relations Academy provides for full agendas for all our courses:  www.indigenousrelationsacademy.com

Our training is available to individuals or to large organizations.  We can even license our Indigenous Awareness self-guided training for economies of scale.  Our Training Advisors can assist you with deciding on the best courses and platforms for your team’s needs.

ICT was the recipient of the 2021 Indigenous Business of the Year Award (3-10 employee category) from the British Columbia Achievement Foundation.