Skills, Innovation, and Technology

In today’s rapidly changing economy, CCAB’s research looks at how Indigenous businesses are adapting and innovating in the new economy and what skills are needed in the future. As technology and job requirements change, the Indigenous business sector must be prepared to adapt as well. Questions such as the availability of educational and professional development programs, quality of IT infrastructure, and the needs of different industries come into play. CCAB’s insights into these issues provides a groundwork for policy change and program development to meet the needs of Indigenous businesses.

Digital Differences: The Impact of Automation on the Indigenous Economy

Technology disruption has the potential to support or hinder the future of Indigenous work in this country, given that 33.8% of Indigenous workers across Canada are currently concentrated in industries with a higher risk of automation.

Mapping the Landscape: Indigenous Skills Training and Jobs in Canada

This report presents some of the legal, historical and contextual pieces that are vital to understanding the present and future Indigenous skills landscape.

Digital Directions: Toward skills development and inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in the new economy

CCAB and Tata Consultancy Services share the preliminary findings from their interactive workshop with Indigenous business leaders and allies in the IT space.

TD Economics Special Report: Aboriginal Businesses increasingly embracing innovation

In partnership with TD Economics, this report reviews CCAB’s 2016 Promise and Prosperity data and reviews the successes and challenges facing Indigenous businesses today.