Valiant Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

British Columbia
Oil & Gas

About Valiant Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

Valiant Oilfield Hauling Ltd. is a trucking company specializing in oilfield transportation and services in the Northern British Columbia area. Valiant Oilfield Hauling Ltd. is a locally owned Oilfield hauling company that specializes in completion services, pipeline services as well as facility Construction. Our diversification allows us to participate in any service necessary to facilitate the production, exploration and development of petroleum resources.
Valiant Oilfield Hauling Ltd. is a privately owned Aboriginal company. With our roots in the Peace Region of Northern British Columbia we provide trade apprenticeship opportunities to the Aboriginal people of our community. We also try to engage and encourage our local First Nations training centre to help us build and mentor a workforce that has professionalism, reliability, respect and thoughtfulness. These core values are an integral part of our Valiant culture. We believe in providing the necessary training for proper career advancements.
Valiant Oilfield Hauling Ltd. provides our customers with quality service and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Contact Name: Chris Fry
Job Title: Manager
Email Address: accounting@valiantoilfield.ca
Phone Number: (250) 261-3363

Alternative Number: (250) 785-3632


Billing Address
PO Box 321, Downtown
Fort St. John, BC
V1J 0K9, Canada