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About The Growcer Inc.

The Growcer manufactures modular ‘plug-and-play’ food production systems to enable communities and local businesses to provide access to local food in some of the world’s most remote regions. The Growcer’s flagship system is a modular hydroponic farm that can produce up to of 5 tonnes of produce annually in temperatures as cold as -52°C. We specialize in building systems for Arctic and highly remote regions where food costs are significant and access to healthy, affordable food is difficult or impossible. Our business model enables communities to achieve greater food sovereignty, and create a locally-owned food production business, creating local jobs and diversifying the local economy. Though we have developed our technology for remote regions, our systems are also financially & operationally viable in urban settings, where they help institutions mitigate the risk of fluctuating food prices and provide a much more sustainable source of food. More information: thegrowcer.ca or info@thegrowcer.ca


Contact Name: Stephanie Gordon
Job Title: Editor-in-Chief
Email Address: info@thegrowcer.ca
Phone Number: 1-833-476-9237


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