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About The Firelight Group

We are an Indigenous-owned consulting group that works with Indigenous and local communities in Canada and beyond to provide high quality research, policy, planning, mapping, negotiation, and advisory services. Our work focuses on culture, health, socio-economics, ecology, and governance to support the rights and interests of Indigenous communities.
We work for Indigenous communities
Firelight works only for Indigenous and local communities, or on projects where communities support our participation.

Comprehensive support
We provide research, guidance, and support through all stages of environmental assessments, negotiations, and community policy and planning.

Capacity building
We build capacity in communities, by training and mentoring through all stages of our work.

We are committed to high quality, objective, evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, and to providing deliverables that are timely, relevant, effective, and respected by all parties.

Social return
We give back to the communities we work with by supporting culturally, politically, or ecologically important initiatives.


Contact Name: John Kelly
Job Title: Operations Manager
Email Address: info@firelight.ca
Phone Number: 604-563-2245


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#505-510 W. Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
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