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SureLine Projects INC

Alberta || British Columbia
Construction || Oil & Gas

About SureLine Projects INC

SureLine Projects Inc, is a partnership formed from the combination of the strengths, and long-standing positive reputation of the Surerus group of companies and a local management group with a proven track record in small to mid-inch pipeline and processing facility construction in the Fort St John area. With our extensive background in the area and the support of the Surerus group, we are positioned to provide excellent service in our industry locally.

SureLine takes pride in being a community minded business.  We are Fort St. John owned and operated by long time Fort St. John residents with a deep history in our community.  Local and First Nation content is not just a phrase we use in public relations, it is a part of our business philosophy.  We interact with the local and First Nation community on a daily basis in the grocery store, at restaurants, sporting events, schools and many other places.  As a result, when we commit to hiring local, we are committing to hiring qualified individuals who we often have long standing history with.

SureLine Projects Inc. intends to offer local producers the option of a “new choice based on an experienced team.”  While the company itself is a new entrant on the scene, the management and execution teams will be primarily composed of a group of individuals many clients will recognize and have done business with successfully in the past.

Darryl MacDonald and Tim Smith have a combined 50 years’ experience in the local oil and gas industry, the last 20 of which have been spent with a single contractor, starting in the field and moving into management.  Both have refined their management skills and built a locally recognized brand that was valued by both clients and personnel alike as a premier contractor in the region with excellent bench strength, efficient and safe execution, and reflective of local culture.

With their client and employee loyalty built over the years, Darryl and Tim intend to build and mature SureLine Projects into one of the primary contractors of choice in the Peace Region.  Ready access to Surerus’ facilities, logistics, equipment, corporate knowledge, and support staff will facilitate their entrance to the market while capitalizing on stakeholder relationships Darryl and Tim have developed in the market area.

Surerus is a pipeline construction company with a 50+ year history in Fort St. John and has built an excellent reputation in Western Canada over that time for safety, efficiency, quality, and integrity in the execution of projects and a corporate culture that delivers to stakeholders like a large corporation, but remains committed to small town family values.  In recent years Surerus has focused on the large bore, major infrastructure pipeline projects and now wishes to re-establish their presence in the small to mid-inch pipeline market through this strategic partnership.

Drawing on the success of Surerus Pipeline and the knowledge, expertise, and connections of Darryl and Tim in the small inch and facility market in NE BC, SureLine Projects have a strong base to ensure success. SureLine Projects have an aligned purpose and are excited about the many opportunities and synergies a partnership provides.  SureLine management have established a solid reputation in their market centered on the same core values shown by Surerus and look forward to building a new entity together we can take mutual pride in for years to come.

We welcome any enquiries as to how we may serve your project needs in Northeastern BC.



Contact Name: Darryl MacDonald
Job Title: President/GM
Email Address: dmacdonald@surelineprojects.ca
Phone Number: 250-262-2927
Contact Name: Tim Smith
Job Title: Managing VP
Email Address: tsmith@surelineprojects.ca
Phone Number: 250-261-0117
Contact Name: Carmen LaFrance
Job Title: Operations Manager
Email Address: clafrance@surelineprojects.ca
Phone Number: 250-785-1525


Office Address

Fort St John, BC
V1J 6K6, Canada