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Scott Simpson (Spirit Fit) has over 12 year experience in personal training and small boot camps. I do motivational coaching projects on reserve and off reserve which will include activities such as sobriety speeches (none 12 step approach), motivational speeches, goal setting, 1 on 1 fitness training, small group boot camps, large group classes, and at the end of project 2 weeks or longer a motivational video for your community. On reserve services can range from 1 day to 1 month, everything is completely custom to fit your community.

I am a fitness professional on the red road, looking to help Indigenous people live a healthy lifestyle.


Contact Name: Scott Simpson
Job Title: Owner/ Personal Trainer
Email Address: spirit.fit.living@gmail.com
Phone Number: (289) 388-6666


Billing Address
225 O’Gemaa Miikaan
Christian Island,
ON L9M 0A9