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Skyway Canada Limited

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About Skyway Canada Limited

Skyway Canada: Over 50 Years in Business with Solutions You Can Trust

Access & Shoring Scaffold, Insulation, Fireproofing, Coatings, Rope Access & Service

Skyway Canada has been safely supporting its customers since 1967.

Skyway Canada is a trusted provider of safe, cost-effective scaffold and shoring solutions across Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Skyway is a single source solutions provider offering Scaffolding, Insulation, Fire Proofing, Coatings, Rope Access, Swing Stage and Shoring, engineering, design, erection and dismantling services; project management and control; and cost control and billing systems. Tailored management solutions can be integrated with clients’ internal systems, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and timely reporting.

The company, which is Canadian owned and operated, has over 200 full-time employees and 800 employees in the field, with Skyway branches in Dawson Creek, Whitecourt, Edmonton, Calgary, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Sarnia, Saint John and Dartmouth. Skyway operates under the Skyhigh name in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec and has branches in Terrace, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Bolton, and Montreal.

Our approach is to develop the right solution for every project, to ensure safety, production efficiency, cost effectiveness and on-time completion. What makes us unique is our experience and expertise in the design, engineering, delivery and maintenance of our systems. Skyway have set the highest industry standards for safety and quality. We are a safe company – not just a company with a safety manual. Our vision for this company is to be the safest, smartest scaffolding company in Canada.

Skyway’s experienced Construction Project Management teams have the knowledge and knowhow to take on even the most complex projects and successfully achieve target results from inception to completion of the project lifecycle, rolling it back to our clients with complete accountability, and value-added service with ongoing support.

Skyway’s proprietary ProCentral Project Management program provides complete oversight through all project phases – Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing, and can provide real-time information on the status of any project. With industry-standard metrics in addition to developed Key Performance Indicators, and fully customizable for specific project needs, ProCentral allows for transparency, accuracy, and accountability, while assisting all project stakeholders in making informed decisions. ProCentral’s key process is centralized data processing that provides an interactive online dashboard, ProCentral SkyMetrics.

With growing demand from our client’s, Skyway has introduced additional value-added service in the form of Mechanical Insulation, Fireproofing, Coatings and Rope Access services. We have entered these markets with the same strength and confidence we have carried for over 50 years with our Access Scaffolding and Shoring divisions. We offer the same superior results-based project service and support with dedication to safety, quality and performance.

Our Mechanical Insulation division services a wide spectrum in all industrial sectors including petrochemical, oil sands, mining, power generation and forestry. We offer the complete supply, fabrication, and installation of all types of insulation and cladding to cryogenic, acoustic, and thermal control of numerous other types of systems including process piping and equipment.

Skyway added Fireproofing & Coating Services were added in 2017, specializing in Cementitious, Intumescent & Concrete fireproofing for the industrial market. Whether your requirement is on a vessel, piping, structure, or off-shore we can work on-site or off-site. We can offer optimized solutions for any size project. As with everything we do, quality and safety are always first!

To further meet the needs of our clients, Rope Access was added to our services in 2018. We have hand-picked the most experienced Insulation/Scaffolding and Fireproofing Rope Access Technicians to form an elite workforce that’s ready to go. Our skilled technicians can execute work in the most difficult locations. All Skyway Canada technicians are compliant with IRATA International Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS).

Experience and diversity allow us the unique ability of to provide a complete end to end package of coordinated services that translates into cost savings for your projects. Our skilled tradespeople are well versed in all applications. This combined with superior Management and Engineering teams and our commitment to safety and quality is the reason Skyway has become an industry leader nationwide.

Safety Standards; At Skyway, safety is our business and it’s demonstrated in everything we do. Our full-time Corporate Health and Safety Managers are specialists in occupational health and safety and ensure our products and our people are in full compliance with all current standards. We employ local site health and safety coordinators whose job is to ensure that every system on every job site is safe. Our extensive and continuous Health and Safety training programs are mandatory for all employees; all Skyway employees are trained and tested annually. Skyway is a COR Certified company.

Quality Standards; Skyway’s Quality Management System is based on continuous improvement of corporate processes and procedures. Our robust Quality Management System enables Skyway to reduce errors and supports our doing it right the first-time mindset. Quality representatives at Skyway branch offices coordinate with our employees and clients to ensure consistent local implementation.

Industrial Sector Solutions; Skyway’s industrial sector solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of every customer. With extensive industry experience across a wide variety of applications, Skyway delivers flexible, innovative and highly efficient systems. Our tailored management solutions, including estimating, inventory control, project management, billing and logistics processes can be integrated with our clients’ internal systems, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and timely reporting. Responsive, customer-driven solutions make Skyway a value-added partner in industrial applications across Canada.

Commercial Sector Solutions; Skyway is the single-source solution for access, shoring and safety systems in a wide variety of commercial construction, restoration and production applications. With the most extensive inventories of the widest range of products and accessories, Skyway can engineer, and supply systems expertly tailored to any job. Our full-service capabilities, including erection, on-site maintenance, teardown and cartage deliver turnkey efficiency for any project. We’ve earned our reputation for reliability through more than 50 years of experience – experience that delivers value-added on-time, cost effective solutions.



Contact Name: Terry Haunn
Job Title: Vice President Business Development
Email Address: terry.haunn@skycan.ca
Phone Number: 780-413-8007


Office Address

3408 – 76th Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6B 2N8, Canada