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About Sacred Fire Productions

Sacred Fire Productions is a not-for-profit indigenous arts organization founded in 2012. We promote Indigenous art and artists through the productions of cultural projects and events that raise public awareness, break stereotypes and foster cross-cultural dialogue for the inclusion and advancement of Indigenous artists in urban centers.

Through our mandate, we:

  • Bring Indigenous artists to mainstream audiences in Quebec throughout regional, national and international markets, which result in professional development and economic opportunities for the artists and also their communities.
  • Educate general audiences and create awareness about resilience and realities -past and present- of First Nations, Inuit and Metis cultures through the production of multidisciplinary art events, facilitating the reconciliation process.
  • Build knowledge, skills and understanding across Indigenous communities in Quebec by holding workshops that focuses on professionalization and practices in the arts.
  • Share traditional knowledge of Indigenous cultures using oral history, protocols and artistic practices as the building blocks for inter-cultural exchange.
  • Manage the Ashukan Cultural Space, a unique cultural incubator created for the revitalization and reclamation of Indigenous cultures and practices located in the hub of Old Montreal.


Contact Name: Nadine St. Louis
Job Title: Executive Director
Email Address: nadine@sacredfireproductions.ca
Phone Number: 514-933-4507


Office Address

431 Place Jacques-Cartier
Montreal, QC
H2Y 3B1, Canada