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About Ozhige Insulpanel Limited

OZHIGE Insulpanel Limited is a majority-owned Aboriginal company founded on a shared vision to advance Aboriginal economic reconciliation by providing affordable and environmental housing building solutions.

Ozhige (meaning she/he builds a house, makes camp) has acquired the Canadian Exclusive License from ABT Insulpanel Limited, a Canadian company that manufactures machinery to produce compressed agricultural fibre (CAF) building panels made of natural waste fibres from wheat grain harvests. From field to factory the waste fibres naturally transform into a ready cash crop for local wheat growers.

The panels replace the need for drywall, plywood, vapour barrier, weather-proofing and compliments light steel. They are fireproof, wind, earthquake and pest resistant, having passed numerous quality and performance tests. In addition to affordable structures such as housing, community centres, schools and hospitals the panels are ideally suited for erecting temporary emergency shelters, and can be repurposed for permanent structures.

Ozhige is looking to secure strategic partners to extend our market reach to satisfy the growing demand for affordable, high quality housing building materials made from sustainable and renewable resources. Our panels will have a key impact on Aboriginal housing solutions, while producing new opportunities for wealth and job creation.


Contact Name: John Daniels
Job Title: CEO
Email Address: danielsabt@sympatico.ca
Phone Number: (905) 471-0840


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