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ILF Consultants Inc.

Consulting Engineer

About ILF Consultants Inc.

The ILF Group is a major international engineering consultancy firm, founded in 1967. It has approximately 2,500 employees based in over 40 offices worldwide and has executed over 6,000 projects in more than 100 countries in its 50-plus year history.

A privately held, family-owned firm, ILF Group prides itself on its history of high quality, value adding, and independent engineering consultancy services. It is active in a number of sectors, ranging from power generation to tunnelling and other infrastructure projects; however, its largest sector is oil and gas, which was its first area of operation when founded in 1967. ILF has long been associated specifically with pipeline engineering and has industry leading experience and capabilities, having been involved in some of the world’s most challenging and complex pipeline projects in the gas, oil, and water sectors.

ILF passionately contributes to enhancing the environment in which we live, promoting the resilience and prosperity of its clients, staff, and all stakeholders, and thus improving the quality of life around the globe. In line with its commitment to contribute to sustainability, ILF puts the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the heart of its business activities. The SDGs provide the framework for ILF’s endeavor to create a more livable and sustainable future, characterized by safe and healthy living conditions, for present and future generations.

ILF Consultants Inc. (Canada) is based in Calgary, Alberta and has a compliment of approximately 150 engineering and project professionals working in various sectors across Canada.


Keywords: engineering, pipeline, hydrogen, solar, green energy, hydropower, natural gas, electrolyzer, oil, energy, CO2, power, facilities


Contact Name: Michel L'Heureux
Job Title: CEO
Email Address: inquiries.canada@ilf.com
Phone Number: 587-288-2600


Office Address

1800, 700 – 9th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 3V4, Canada