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About Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

Firebird Business Consulting’s expertise involves developing successful marketing plans, consulting on marketing and business sustainability and training/coaching in long term planning for a profitable future. SUCCESSFUL track record building culture, sales teams and overall company growth goals.

Our GOAL is to make a difference improving and allowing you to help reach your business, sales and marketing goals and targets that best fit your company.

We OFFER to our clients…..

  • Excellent understanding of the Saskatchewan Market and beyond.
  • Sales Experience – Junior to Multimillion dollar account lists. We will work with companies to maximize revenues and processes. Our sales experience is second to none. Taking new, junior, senior salespeople to the next level. Sales process development (new and existing).
  • Having your advertising/marketing make sense for your businesses needs. We bring a unique perspective of having sold and bought media that will help lay out the proper marketing plan/strategy for your brand in the marketplace.
  • Coaching and Mentoring to Management and Staff to make sure everyone is going in the same right direction. Having the proper communication strategy/processes that understanding each department is vital in the growth of you company. Coach companies stepping into a market.
  • Specialties: branding/imaging, coaching/mentoring, team building, business consulting, negotiating, marketing, leadership, expert in rapport building and communications, businesses development (small, starter or large) wanting to go the next level.

We at Firebird Business Consulting have real life experiences and understand your businesses real life challenges. Our SPECIALTY is optimizing your companies sales and marketing strategies.

7 years Senior Sales Management 8 years Senior Media Marketing/Sales and experience that involves setting/planning profit based sales targets (writing and executing), We/I understand the importance of large sales quotas and what it takes to meet them. Developed excellent media marketing plans that position brands of that particular industry leader. Other Senior Sales Management experience: recruited, hired, mentored, and motivated the sales team and other departments. Prepared reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing relevant market information.

In advertising I’ve had the chance to work with almost every kind of business and industry, consulting on advertising, brand development, recruiting, and business growth in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon and Regina area). We look forward to hearing from you.


Contact Name: Roger Grona
Job Title: President
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Phone Number: (306) 241-6215


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