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Wendy Lumby (owner and operator) has earned a reputation for her ability to deliver to her clients exactly what she says she will. As an Olympian Wendy knows hard work, sharp focus and a drive to succeed, all essential skills that she has transferred to her agency. Her integrity does not go unnoticed as she is one of the busiest agencies in Alberta. Since 2014, Wendy has worked with a diverse group of talented individuals, connecting them with opportunities in Movies, Tv shows, commercial etc. Constant and open communication with her clients has been key in the success of FOW.


Contact Name: Wendy Lumby
Job Title: Owner
Email Address: hello@facesofwendy.com
Phone Number: (403) 869-5066


Billing Address
Suite 155 370-5222, 130th Ave
Calgary, AB T2Z 0G4