Aurora Heat, Inc.

Northwest Territories

About Aurora Heat

Share in the rich traditions of the Northern trapping lifestyle with Aurora Heat’s fur warmers; durable, sustainable, and exceptionally warm. Discover a traditional Indigenous solution to staying warm through winter with all-natural hand, foot and body warmers uniquely crafted by skilled artisans in the Northwest Territories.  Founded by Brenda Dragon, in the small community of Fort Smith, Aurora Heat warmers offer the chance to experience a Northern tradition as old as time. “Fur is part of our family’s history,” says Dragon. “You are welcome to make it part of yours.”

“When we choose nature to meet our basic needs, we come closer to a balanced and sustainable life. Aurora Heat is a simple and natural way to keep warm, and it works exceptionally well,” says Brenda Dragon. “As an Indigenous person, I am wholly committed to nature and a dedicated steward of the environment. I love creating and sharing natural and sustainable products, especially these ones that replace disposables.  In our workshop at the end of each day, there is a no garbage in a bin; we use all pieces of each and every pelt. Helping support the local economy through employing mostly young adults in the community, Aurora Heat’s retail line is available online. auroraheat.ca.


Contact Name: Brenda Dragon
Job Title: President
Email Address: brenda@auroraheat.ca
Phone Number: (867) 445-9178


Billing Address

Box 232
Fort Smith, NT X0E 0P0