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About Assiginack Consulting

Lena Recolllet is an educator and multidisciplinary artist in Toronto. She is Anishinaabe from Wikwemikong on Manitoulin Island. Her cultural knowledge and language is the Anishinaabeaadzowin rooted from her unceded territory. Being a descendant of war chief Assiginack who was also an oratory and a wampum carrier is carrying on a legacy. Assiginack Consulting acknowledges ancestry and the gift of voice passed down generations. Being a performer with experience in comedy and poetry, Lena provides an additional skill as a consultant using her creativity to engage and impact an audience.


Contact Name: Lena Recollet
Job Title: Cultural and Creative Consultant
Email Address: lenarecollet@gmail.com
Phone Number: 647-766-0369


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160 Kenwood Ave., Suite 6
York, ON
M6C 2S5, Canada