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Ashini Consultants

Ashini Consultants is a First Nations owned and operated engineering firm that is dedicated to better serving the First Nations Communities when it comes to the design, site supervision and construction management of projects in the building infrastructures, municipal engineering, industrial and mining industries.

We offer complete engineering solutions including civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as general project management.

With its roots lying in the Pessamit Innu Community and well established in Mashteuiasth, Ashini, which means « Bedrock » in the Innu language, is well aware of the challenges our communities are facing when ongoing construction projects. Together, we can help making sure that first nations communities are getting most benefits from their projects by:

  • Providing available and experienced individuals who understand ways, traditions and concerns of the First Nations;
  • Providing sustainable solutions that meet community needs and specificities;
  • Providing technical solutions accounting for both engineering concerns and constructability;
  • Delivering projects on budget and on time;
  • Providing project management that will prioritize first nation workforce and their development.



Contact Name: Marie St-Gelais
Job Title: Senior partner, General Manager
Email Address: marie.stgelais@ashini.ca


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563 des Actionnaires
Chicoutimi, QC
G7J5B3, Canada