James Blackman

James Blackman is the President/CEO and Co-Founder of Primco Dene Group of Companies with the responsibility for business planning, enterprise accountability; economic development; marketing; sales and service and oversees all operations of the business. With 20 years working to build Primco Dene & Seven Lakes; they are now two of the most renowned Indigenous employers in Canada. He also serves as a Board of Director for various company’s nation wide.

James Blackman is a proud member from Cold Lake First Nations which is part of the Dene Nation. James is also a “Private Entrepreneur” in various areas with the same goals in mind; creating employment and stability for our people. James is an avid golfer, billiard player, and Edmonton Oilers Fan.

Prior to joining Primco Dene Group of Companies, James went into politics at 22 years of age; he spent his entire 20’s in politics, from the time he was 22 until he was 29. He was the youngest Councillor ever elected for his Band (Cold Lake First Nations). Today, Primco Dene and its Group of companies employ more than 800 people, with more than 85 per cent of them being indigenous from 105+ Communities

James has recently completed the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Community-Industry Relations certificate from the University of Alberta which is designed as a catalyst for community engagement between Indigenous people, industry, and government in relation to issues of social and economic development as well as the environment.

James’ greatest achievements are his family, being apart of a forward moving Nation, and the leader of one of the most successful indigenous companies in Canada. His son who has recently followed in his fathers’ footsteps and has been elected into Council at the age of 22.