CCAB Business Recovery Forum 2020

We created the Business Recovery Forum, a
live virtual and unique opportunity to discover innovative
ways to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas to rebuild
businesses and prosper in this new reality and uncertain

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For generations, Indigenous people have provided goods and resources to help Canada grow. Today there are approximately 56,000 Indigenous businesses thriving and ready to help Canada compete and prosper.
However, they are underrepresented in the supply chain of the federal government, which now has a mandate to procure at least 5% from Indigenous business. Achieving this mandate will help struggling businesses
affected by COVID-19 with their recovery. This session discussed moving forward with CCAB’s Supply Change initiative and how to do business with government.

Inevitably the pandemic has put companies under test for its commitment to ethical business conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The financial strains caused by the outbreak may tempt some companies to push for only short-term gains and reduce their long-term CSR investment with the mounting pressure to survive. In this session, Bruce Power and communities of interest discussed why building progressive Aboriginal relations is so important for both short-and long-term gains.

This panel of financial experts discussed how to understand the challenges that Indigenous businesses face in unlocking financial opportunities and how to best take charge of economic recovery.

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