Mark Shadeed

CCAB Board of Directors

Mark Shadeed
Director of Aboriginal Banking
BMO (Laval, QC)

Mark Shadeed stands at the forefront of the business industry with a combined 28 years of commercial banking experience. He’s spent the past fifteen years as a leader in various roles within the BMO organization, managing the largest portfolio in Quebec. Mark has built a reputation for successfully developing and managing business portfolios.

Mark began his career working for a construction company as head accountant for seven years. He then moved on to commercial banking, working for TD Bank for thirteen years, prior to joining BMO in 2003. He joined the BMO Aboriginal Banking Unit in 2014, as Director, Aboriginal Banking, Quebec and Atlantic Canada division and quickly became an industry expert. His vision and ability to nurture relationships has led to long-term solutions and success for both BMO and the Aboriginal community. Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation and growth, Mark consistently ranks among the champions within BMO.