Procurement and Supply Chains

Indigenous procurement is an important driver of economic reconciliation and development for Indigenous communities. It generates revenue for Indigenous businesses and forms relationships between corporations and Governments through business agreements and partnerships.  Including Indigenous businesses in supply chains is one of the most important ways governments and industry can support Indigenous business, as it moves beyond policy and statements to action. CCAB’s research aims to investigate and highlight Indigenous business capacity and how government and private sectors are approaching this unique part of the economy. Drawing upon in-depth data and analysis, CCAB continues to advocate for improved procurement policies across public and private sectors.

Industry and Inclusion (2019): An Analysis of Indigenous Potential in Federal Supply Chains

This report analyzes the Federal Supply Chain and the corresponding Indigenous industries, finding optimistic results for Indigenous business capacity.

Partnerships in Procurement: Understanding Aboriginal business engagement in the Marine and Aerospace industries in B.C.

Ensuring Indigenous businesses play an important role in the supply chains of the marine and aerospace industry creates real challenges. This report explores Indigenous engagement and capacity in B.C.

Partnerships in Procurement: Understanding Aboriginal business engagement in the Canadian mining industry

This report looks at the relationships between Indigenous businesses and mining companies operating in Canada.