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totum [The Whole] In latin, singular nominative form of totus [Whole, Complete]

At totum, we really love helping people. That is our passion.

We love a team-oriented approach! Leveraging the expertise of many for the benefit of individual clients is at our core. Our belief is that an interdisciplinary approach to a client’s wellness will produce optimal results. Our approach is not as typical as our fitness and health components overlap, thereby improving the quality of both. Our expertise is based in science, customer service, and individualization which set the environment for rapid improvements.

Our business has a brick-and-mortar focus, as well as a virtual one. The former is a business to consumer model focusing on health, fitness, and injury rehabilitation. The latter is a business-to-business enterprise where we help companies create incredible, customized employee wellness environments through virtual and in person deliveries.

Tim and Stacy Irvine moved to Toronto from Saskatchewan where they grew up. The philosophy and identity of Totum have been greatly influenced by Tim and Stacy’s upbringing and environment, their participation in high performance athletics, and a passionate belief that everyone will benefit from a healthy active lifestyle in their own unique way.

At totum, we want to help you improve your life.


Contact Name: Tim Irvine
Job Title: President
Email Address: timirvine@totum.ca
Phone Number: 416-925-5706


Office Address

2 Roxborough St. E., Retail Unit 1
Toronto, ON
M4G 3L9, Canada