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About RaceRocks

RaceRocks is creating a world of limitless learning by designing realistic, interactive experiences for learners to practice and adapt. Our goal is “Enabled teams and Empowered decisions”.

Our cutting-edge, technology-empowered learning creates a seamless experience, more conducive to engagement and retention, and integrates the power of data to achieve optimal results. We utilize immersive game engines, virtual reality, appropriate pedagogical approaches, user input data, human factor tracking, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and research & development to consistently advance the state of training.

RaceRocks has embraced diversity and inclusion, recognizing people’s differences as a competitive advantage across innovation, creative thinking and growth (both professionally and personally). We are proud to be an Indigenous and women led business that’s helping to create opportunities across the Tech industry.

Having successfully competed and won contracts with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), the Provincial and Federal Governments, as well as conducted millions of R&D for international primes through the Industrial Technological Benefits (ITB) program, we intend to leverage our experience to help bridge the gap between Government procurement and Indigenous owned businesses and position Indigenous business to strengthening communities, promoting progressive and prosperous relationships, and growing a new economy based on mutual respect and shared prosperity.”


Contact Name: Brad Pizem
Job Title: Sales & Marketing Manager
Email Address: bradp@racerocks3d.com
Phone Number: (250) 986-6066


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