Morningstar Hospitality Services Inc.


About Morningstar Hospitality Services Inc.

Morningstar Hospitality Services is a Canadian, Aboriginal-Owned Foodservice and Facility Management Company. We work with Corporate, Government and Education clients to deliver uncompromising quality to Restaurant, Cafeteria and Catering Management that focuses on serving deliciously fresh, locally-sourced, healthy food.

Morningstar Hospitality also provides outstanding Cleaning and Maintenance Services that adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards.

The Company’s guiding principles are based in traditional Aboriginal teachings and we embrace initiatives that support the Economic and Educational growth of Canada’s Aboriginal people, including the active promotion of Sustainable Employment and Training opportunities.


Contact Name: Chris Trainor
Job Title: President
Email Address:
Phone Number: (705) 797-4998


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5950 Rama Road
Rama, ON
L3V 6H6, Canada