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About Jumec Construction Inc.

Jumec Construction Inc. was established in 1988, incorporated in 1990. Over the last 32 years in business our mid- size company has bid and managed general construction projects as well as architectural projects of both fixed and hourly billing variety.

Jumec was founded more than three decades ago with an eye toward fundamental change in construction requirements. It is a challenge of market adaptation, that Jumec continues to meet, as it prepares for the specification-dependent demands of today. The office at Jumec is comprised of 9 employees who, daily, strive to deliver above and beyond service to their clients.

Jumec’s experience with hospital, educational, high tech industry and retirement institutions has given us the experience needed to schedule construction around occupied areas with minimum disturbance to the occupants and with critical completion dates. This experience creates a company that can easily adjust to a school’s unique environment, scheduling around existing services and occupied departments, preservation of student comfort and care and critical completion dates.

Jumec is one of the first General Contractors to achieve in 1996, ISO 9002 Certification within the National Capital Region. This certification brought with it ISO quality standards that focus on management system application. The result is comprehensive quality improvement and efficiency, Total Quality Management (TQM). A methodology that is still used to this day.

Jumec Mission statement is “To achieve customer satisfaction and confidence in our service conformance by demonstrating our capabilities to support a safe and productive work environment.”


Contact Name: Yves Beaudoin
Job Title: Director
Email Address: jumec@jumec.com
Phone Number: (613) 721-1145


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106-6 Bexley Place
Ottawa, ON K2H 8W2