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Grape Savvy Wine Tours

British Columbia

About Grape Savvy Wine Tours

Come and experience our one of a kind, all inclusive day tours on the stunning Naramata Bench. Gain confidence in wine tasting while being immersed in a vineyard or cellar setting, sip on award winning wines and learn their story through the transformation from grape to glass.  Tease your olfactory senses with unique and terroir expressive wines that can only be produced from these site specific soils.

Grape Savvy Wine Tours offers an educational wine tasting experience unlike any other.

Guests have the opportunity to taste like a pro, learning how to properly assess the wine in their glass through a basic systematic tasting approach. We offer the “Grape Savvy Experience Tour” and the “Grape Savvy Classique Tour”, plus new in 2021, a completely customizable, immersive Zoom tasting, so you can get Grape Savvy from the comfort of your own home.

Great wine comes from great grapes, and wine itself can be considered a universal language…

…Grape Savvy guests will learn to speak it.

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Contact Name: Savannah Swaisland
Job Title: owner
Email Address: info@grapesavvy.ca


Office Address:

380 Wade Ave East
Penticton , BC