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About Calian Group

Calian is a 100% Canadian professional services, IT solutions, and manufacturing company that delivers across five services lines:

•Health: We help Canadian organizations deliver high-quality health services to their employees and stakeholders. Calian delivers health services in more than 60 medical categories and manages a network of more than 180 clinics nationally. Calian supports six million patient visits per year.

•Cyber Security: Our team of carefully selected experts and industry-leading technology partners enable clients to implement leading-edge security strategies that meet any security need. We offer endpoint security, identity access management, and data-centric solutions to help clients prepare for, prevent, and recover from cyber security breaches.

•Training: We provide a full suite of specialized training services to help customers in emergency management and defence validate their plans and test team performance. We offer individual and collective training to improve readiness and response.

•Engineering and Technical Services: Calian offers full-spectrum systems engineering, technical services and nuclear engineering services to public and private sector clients. Our engineers and technologists apply expertise in disciplines essential for system development, operations and maintenance, and engineering support to major defence programs, governments and nuclear sector clients.

•Systems Engineering: We deliver sophisticated hardware and software designs to customers, from space antenna systems to the satellite radio in our cars, to board-level analog and digital designs at the leading edge. We have the skills to fully design, develop, integrate, and test our projects for commercial and military applications.


Contact Name: Jordan Miller
Job Title: Program Manager
Email Address: j.miller@calian.com
Phone Number: (613) 599-8600


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