Landon Miller Bio

President of The Ryan Group, Landon created a company to focus primarily on First Nations economic opportunities while maintaining core values and rights as First Nations people.  Landon provides the expertise to finding solutions that helps clients transform their organizations to harness the power of changing business models.  With the strong belief that First Nations boundaries should not affect business growth and prosperity he has delivered creative solutions that extend beyond traditional models and approaches.

October 2016 Landon opened the largest free standing Tim Horton’s on First Nations territory in Canada.  It was considered a one of a kind being native owned, operated and on native soil while acknowledging the territories own unique business position.  It was with this long collaboration with Tim Horton’s executive level that brought forth a huge opportunity for all traditional territories across Canada.

Landon has since been appointed president of Okanagan TH Holdings a company dedicated to bring and expand this model to all nations wanting to partner with corporate Canada.