Industry Focus

There are over 50,000 Indigenous businesses in Canada, and they contribute to all sectors and industries across the country. Each industry presents different challenges and opportunities, and CCAB research investigates these to identify needs and solutions for each area. These industry-specific reports highlight Indigenous business capacity, success, opportunities for change.

Success and Sustainability: Understanding Aboriginal Businesses in the Agriculture Sector

How do Indigenous businesses perform in the Agriculture and Agri-Food industry? What are their unique experiences, challenges, and strengths?

Moving Capital, Shifting Power: Identifying opportunities for investors to enhance demand for Indigenous employment, advancement, and contracting

CCAB and the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE) set out to explore the means for actors in the investment chain to contribute to economic reconciliation and support the advancement of Indigenous peoples.

Partnerships in Procurement: Understanding Aboriginal business engagement in the Marine and Aerospace industries in B.C.

Ensuring Indigenous businesses play an important role in the supply chains of the marine and aerospace industry creates real challenges. This report explores Indigenous engagement and capacity in B.C.

Partnerships in Procurement: Understanding Aboriginal business engagement in the Canadian mining industry

This report looks at the relationships between Indigenous businesses and mining companies operating in Canada.