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Progressive Aboriginal Relations™

About PAR

Progressive Aboriginal Relations™ (PAR) is an online management and reporting program that supports progressive improvement in Indigenous relations, and a certification program that confirms corporate performance in Indigenous relations at the bronze, silver or gold level. Certified companies promote their certification with a PAR logo that signals to communities that they are good business partners; great places to work, and are committed to prosperity in Indigenous communities.

The PAR logo provides a high level of assurance to communities because the designation is supported by an independent, third party verification of company reports on outcomes and initiatives in four performance areas: employment, business development, community investment and community engagement – and a juried review by Indigenous business professionals.

PAR Key Drivers

It is often said that “what gets measured, gets done”. While companies seeking PAR certification report on quantifiable measures, the program and the verification process acknowledge that strong relationships are a key to sustainability and progressive improvement in Indigenous relations. The PAR certification recognizes the value of relationships and the diversity of opportunities and challenges that face companies that are committed to the Indigenous community.

Leadership Actions

Employment Actions

Business Development

Community Relationships

Leadership Actions

Leadership Actions are defined as actions to reinforce an organizational focus on Indigenous relations by leaders of the organization. Such actions have an impact in achieving and sustaining good results in all PAR Drivers. These actions include setting and cascading a clear commitment and policy, identification and communication of the Community of Interest, scheduling self-assessment exercises against PAR Criteria to review status, and the application of a structure to drive and help sustain the commitment to positive Indigenous relations across the organization.


Employment is defined as the commitment of resources (time and money) to achieving equitable representation of Indigenous people in the workplace. This involves recruiting and retaining Indigenous talent, supporting their career development and advancement, and promoting mobility of Indigenous employees throughout employment sectors and levels. This Driver also includes supporting cross cultural awareness and/or cultural sensitivity training, and providing training and support for existing or prospective Indigenous employees through specific programs or actions.

Business Development

Business development is defined as the commitment of resources (time and money) to the development of business relationships with Indigenous owned businesses. These activities are sustained through mutual benefit. Capacity building and mentorship also directly relate to sustaining, enhancing or developing future business development.

Community Relationships

The Community Relationships Driver is broken out into two components; engagement and support. Engagement is defined as providing time and resources to develop and sustain positive and progressive relationships with Indigenous communities, groups, and stakeholders. Engagement can include communications, information sharing, involvement in events and activities, and partnerships. Support is defined as a commitment to develop positive and progressive relationships with Indigenous communities, groups, and stakeholders by providing financial and/or in-kind support. These components work together to nurture and sustain positive and progressive relationships. Those companies that are viewed as part of the Community have a far better chance of success in sustaining good relationships, versus those that go into the Community to give an occasional presentation.

PAR Reporting Areas

There are two levels of PAR participation available for CCAB members who want to improve or confirm performance in Indigenous relations and promote their success and commitment by using the PAR logo.

PAR Committed

Participants at this level submit the report generated from online reporting to CCAB for high level feedback on their readiness for certification. Companies can participate at this level for one to a maximum of three years, progressing to the PAR Certified level which provides the highest level of assurance to the Indigenous community.

PAR Certified

This level of participation offers companies the opportunity to provide the highest level of assurance to all of its stakeholders that it is invested in Indigenous relations. At this level, qualified PAR verifiers review company reports and confirm performance and outcomes through company visits and interviews with Indigenous stakeholders. The verifier submits a report to a PAR Jury composed on Indigenous business people who award companies with PAR standing at the bronze, silver, or gold level.

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For more information: par@ccab.com