Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc.

Community Economic Development Corporation

About Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc.

Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc was established after 10 years of Developmental work by the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs Forum and its supporting materials.

Incorporated late April in 2016 utilizing MNRF Resource Revenue Share pilot funds, the corporation has focused on maintaining service delivery on projects of the NSRCF and operationalizing key business areas in Forest Management Services, holding an equity position in the Hornepayne Sawmill/Cogen, establishing forest harvesting services – initially with trucking and partnering with a Human Resource – Recruitment and Placement Service provider; as a start.

Participation by Aboriginal communities in the Full Benefits Derived from Forest Management Planning and Forest Sector as a principle objective under Ontario’s Forest Policy Framework continues to have gaps in performance and function.

The Shareholder First Nations remain engaged, interested and affected but most of all optimistic that they will take their place as land stewards through its Development Corporation.


Contact Name: David Flood
Job Title: General Manager
Email Address: wdgpi.gm@wahkohtowin.com
Phone Number: (705) 622-9581


Mailing Address
828 Fox Lake Road, PO box 1049
Chapleau, ON P0M 1K0