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About VersaPile, Inc.

We are the leader in engineered helical pile foundations in Manitoba and NW Ontario.  We help people build stable structures that last for generations without many of the headaches of traditional piling methods.  Our company is on residential and commercial job sites in Winnipeg, cottage country and rural and Indigenous communities completing a wide range of projects from homes to hotels.

Our areas of further specialization include: 1) partnership with Indigenous communities; 2) solutions where access is tight; 3) solutions for sites with problematic soils; 4) lightly loaded structures; 5) foundation stabilizations and underpins; 6) temporary foundations; 7) towers, poles, and signs; 8) shoring and retaining walls; 9) docks, boathouses, boardwalks and moorings; 10) solar farms or arrays; 11) tight access or remote geotechnical investigations/soil sampling; and 12) consulting, coaching and training.

Our First Foundations Partnership Program recognizes two important things: 1) healthy and sustainable homes are built on solid foundations; and 2) Indigenous communities are best positioned to install solid foundations.  We meet our partners where they are at with a goal of working towards having certified expert helical pile foundation contactors in the communities.  This positions partners for meaningful participation and increased ownership regarding housing and other infrastructure projects within their traditional territories and, if desired, beyond.


Contact Name: Stan Higgins
Job Title: President
Email Address: stan@versapile.com
Phone Number: (204) 793-0679


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