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Alberta || Ontario

About The Connect Partnership Group

Connect Group exists to produce events that make an impact. We conceptualize, finance, and execute large-scale, world-class events that enhance the experience of all participants.

From consumer events, to trade shows and conferences, we’ve done it all. Having launched over 150 events for major brands across the world, we’ve learned what it takes to bring a concept to life; and we know what makes an event successful:

From an attendee’s perspective it’s about engagement, networking, and learning; leaving with something you didn’t have before; new knowledge, ideas, and connections. From a commercial view, it’s the ROI and ability to sell a product or service. And finally, from our perspective as organizers, events must be meaningful, impactful and add value to supply chains.

Our initiatives focus primarily on reconciliation. We align ourselves with powerful changemakers and organizations to facilitate large-scale gatherings focused on Indigenous prosperity. Forward Summit and Workforce Forward are part of our portfolio focused on Indigenous prosperity.


Contact Name: Aaron Kerr
Job Title: Marketing Manager
Email Address: info@theconnectgroup.ca
Phone Number: (403) 684-0876


Office Address

PO Box 22367 Bankers Hall
Calgary, AB
T2P 4J1, Canada