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About Tara Energy Services Inc.

TARA Energy Services provides a complete line of flowback and production services for some of the largest oil and gas projects in North America. We believe in inspiring change through continuous development for the improvement and implementation of industry safety requirements and environmental standards. TARA has invested extensively in the engineering, design, and in-house manufacturing of our own high pressure and large volume flowback equipment to create the efficiencies needed to achieve maximum optimization and sustainability for our clients and the community. This consistent commitment to quality and innovation has built the platform in which we stand on within our deeply-rooted partnerships.

TARA seeks to develop, nurture, and maintain strong working relationships with local Indigenous businesses wherever possible. We pride ourselves on being an organization focused on culture and built on delivery, ensuring we have a positive impact in the communities in which we work. We are committed to expanding these efforts through our partnership with CCAB as we aim to continue the promotion of procurement and to provide the highest level of support.


Contact Name: Amber Luttrel
Job Title: Marketing Coordinator
Email Address: Amber.Luttrell@taraenergyservices.com
Phone Number: 720-347-5654


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350 7 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2P3N9, Canada