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About SymmetryPR

SymmetryPR is a majority Indigenous owned communications and public relations consultancy, based in Saskatoon, SK. We’re also the only communications consultancy in Saskatchewan that’s founded and run by two Communications Management Professionals (CMPs), an international ISO certification and gold standard for communication professionals.

Relationship builders at heart, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of work while providing exceptional value for you, our future partners. SymmetryPR brings brains, guts, and heart to every project that we do. We specialize in strategic communications planning and execution, communications research and measurement, Indigenous engagement, media relations, media monitoring and training, digital marketing strategies, brand development, and more. Our co-founders were born and raised in Saskatchewan and have a local business, sub-contractor and supplier preference. Learn more and get in touch at symmetry-pr.com.


Contact Name: Ben Borne
Job Title: Co-Founder
Email Address: ben@symmetry-pr.com
Phone Number: 306-251-0554


Office Address

Saskatoon, SK