Second Pass Forestry Ltd.

British Columbia
Natural Resource and Environmental Consulting

About Second Pass Forestry Ltd.

Second Pass Forestry Ltd. is a 100% First Nation owned and operated company that commits to pursue and provide a diversity of quality work/consultation in all Natural Resource and Cultural sectors throughout the BC Southern Interior to support First Nations communities, government and industry clients while maintaining high industry standards for safety.

Our company objective is to build professional experience and knowledge related to natural resource management within local First Nation communities and to address the lack of capacity. We specialize in multi-phase forest management/development.

Our mandate is to hire local First Nations who are currently studying or have graduated from Natural Resource related programs (certificate, diploma or degree) to develop skills and knowledge and provide training and mentoring to increase success of job seekers and employee retention.

Our company provides multi and full phase forest and land management with a roughly 10 years of   direct and indirect forest related experience as well as various forest engineering and development courses and training.  Experience in forest planning, road and cut block layout, Timber Cruising, through   to submitted cutting permits for forest Licensees and performing archaeology work for First Nations. In addition, our company consists of a certified Canada Safety Council – Defensive Driving Course instructor, and two S-100 Basic Fire Suppression Instructors to help with safety training initiatives.

Specific company details include:

  • To build professional experience and knowledge within local First Nations (FN) communities.
  • To address the lack of capacity within most First Nation communities related to Natural Resource management and operational experience.
  • Increase local community expertise and knowledge.
  • To hire band members who are currently studying in or have graduated from a Natural Resource related program (certificate, diploma or degree).
  • Develop skills and knowledge
  • Provide training to increase success of job seeking and retention.
  • S-100 training
  • Archaeology training (RISC course)
  • Defensive driving training
  • To develop negotiation skills for resource opportunities and discussions.
  • Meet with and learn from existing First Nations that have successful Comprehensive Community Plans and regional agreements/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s) etc.


Contact Name: Darcy LeBourdais, RPF
Job Title: Owner/Director
Email Address: Darcy.lebourdais@spfl.ca
Phone Number: 778-220-6344
Contact Name: Tanner LeBourdais, RPF
Job Title: Owner/Director
Email Address: tanner.lebourdais@spfl.ca
Phone Number: 778-220-6344


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2073 Van Horne Drive
Kamloops, BC V1S 1GS