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About Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd.

Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is an Indigenous owned and operated company that provides “Adaptive Engineering Services” to First Nations, Public Sector, and Private Sector Clients. By taking the approach of analyzing the problem proposed by the client and the short-term vs. long-term needs/purpose of the project, we hope to deliver results that comprehensively address the needs of the client and create adaptive solutions to their infrastructure needs. The era of “quick-fix” solutions that exclude the increasingly complex relationships between the environment, public safety, and the economy is nearing its’ end and Scout Engineering & Consulting can help create “next-gen” solutions. We provide a comprehensive suite of Engineering Design services across Western Canada through our in-house capabilities and partnerships with existing consulting firms. Within Scout Engineering we can provide: cost estimating; feasibility studies; funding applications; 5-Year capital plans; project management; emergency management response and recovery; site engineering support and construction administration; asset management; and infrastructure design. Through our partnerships we are delivering: water and wastewater system design and construction; road design and construction; stormwater systems assessment, master storm drainage plans, and studies; wetland assessments; hydrotechnical engineering (e.g., culverts, flood protection structures, and water control structures)
We continue to add to our services based on our clients demands and the need to include inter-displinary teams to comprehensively address infrastructure demands.


Contact Name: Steven Vaivada P.Eng
Job Title: President
Email Address: stevenv@scoutengg.com
Phone Number: (403) 813-2855


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