ORIGIN is an Indigenous-owned and operated company founded upon innovation. Our company is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the creation and execution of unique workforce development programs that address the needs of Indigenous people and communities, while also being proactive to the demands of private sector employers and industry.   ORIGIN focuses on innovating the process of recruitment and selection while developing workforce and partnership strategies that maximize the value to all stakeholders (Individuals, Industry, Community and Employment Agencies).

ORIGIN relies on a series of experiential learning and proprietary assessment tools to identify natural gifts and learned skills used to determine suitable career pathways.  This is our First-People-First process that we are proud to call our own. Our skills database allows us to stay connected with individuals and ensure successful transition to employment.

Our ORIGIN team has been able to increase our direct economic impact by working within a collaborative model to bring hundreds of job seekers, communities and employers together. We have worked with over 60 First Nations and thousands of Indigenous job seekers.

Our Virtual Reality based tools allow all of programs to be scalable and mobile so that we can reach all Indigenous communities across Canada.

At Origin, there is a focus on integration and reconciliation. We act as a communication and connection mechanism, bridging the gap between Indigenous people and employers.


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