NVision Insight Group Inc.

Management Consulting

About NVision Insight Group Inc.

NVision Insight Group Inc. is an amalgamation of Stonecircle Consulting (A First Nation firm since 2004), Aarluk Consulting (An Inuit firm in Nunavut since 2001) and Consilium Consulting (since 1993). The new company provides services in six key areas: planning, learning, policy development, communications, evaluation and review, and management support. The companies are best known for their years of leading-edge work in online learning and support for Indigenous community, economic and political development.

NVision Insight Group Inc. has office locations in Ottawa and Iqaluit.


Contact Name: Shelley Burke
Email Address: sburke@nvisiongroup.ca


Billing Address
488 Gladstone Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1R 5N8, Canada