Nuclear Promise X

Consulting Engineer

About Nuclear Promise X

Nuclear Promise X is a Canadian start-up with a refreshing view on innovation. We integrate the latest emerging technology into nuclear plant operations, projects and processes. As a group of creative nuclear professionals, we build innovation into everything we do. NPX believes in nuclear energy, and we are doing our part to make it sustainable for decades to come.

Founded in May 2018, NPX has already made an impact on the nuclear power industry in Ontario. We work directly with nuclear utilities to identify challenges and implement innovative solutions and new technologies to increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of nuclear power. We source the most promising technologies using a scalable and repeatable process that emphasizes implementation. We take the unique approach of bringing strong expertise in the nuclear industry and pairing it with NPX’s strategic and disruptive process with is which is focused on client needs and insights. Our experience includes a broad range of both nuclear expertise and technical capabilities, including, but not limited to industry experience in operations and refurbishment, engineering, safety analysis, project management, leadership, and many others.


Contact Name: Margaret McBeth
Job Title: Director, Company Strategy
Email Address: margaret.mcbeth@npxinnovation.ca
Phone Number: (416) 655-3797


Billing Address
819 Queen Street
Kincardine, Ontario N2Z 2Y2