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Newrest is a leading player in the integration of services for those working in hostile environments, such as mining sites, and players in the offshore and onshore oil and gas sector.

Support for companies working in the extraction industry is part of Newrest’s DNA. We provide expertise during preparations for major projects: the design of hotel buildings, kitchens and restaurants, budgeting and understanding local customs are just some of the services we offer our clients. These aspects are integrated into the support we provide to our clients’ engineering teams when presenting optimal and innovative solutions.

Our services go well beyond meal preparation in hostile areas. We take care of all aspects of remote sites, from construction to the management of day to day services. But above all, we make life easier for our customers by providing catering, cleaning and laundry services.

Breaking the routine for our residents is our priority. We are recognized for the quality of our events and our cultural and sporting activities. The deployment of innovative catering concepts combining irreproachable quality of service and digital offerings ‒ such as our concierge application and our click & collect solution ‒ is all part of our quality commitment. Our know-how regarding corrective and preventive maintenance includes the digitization of our processes and the development of local know-how. Our mission is to provide quality of life and comfort “just like at home”.

Every day, all around the world, customers entrust us with the management of their restaurants and benefit from our innovative catering know-how. 

Companies and administrations, clinics and health establishments, educational establishments, local authorities, as well as defence and security services, all entrust Newrest with the management of their restaurants, their cafeterias and their social clubs. In each country, our kitchens are able to provide a varied range of eat-in and take-out catering solutions: meal trays, sandwiches and other services required by guests with highly varied profiles. We want to fulfil our role as a catering service provider by providing balanced dishes, and also to go further by indulging our clients with cuisine in line with current trends and tailor-made to meet their expectations. For Newrest, meal times are moments for conviviality and relaxation involving home recipes cooked with local produce and with careful attention to detail.

Our computer systems take into account each person’s dietary requirements and provide crucial information regarding meals (nutrition / allergens). Today, dining is an immersive and multifaceted experience which impacts all of our senses.


The global catering market is in a constant state of evolution. Inspired by current consumer trends ‒ back to basics, internationalization, ready-to-eat, sustainable development, digitalization ‒ restaurants are continuously reinventing themselves and diversifying their offerings.

Our diners value the experience they have at restaurants and are looking for modern offerings in line with commercial catering levels. To meet these new expectations, customer loyalty depends on our ability to meet these expectations.


Contact Name: Rita Soeze
Job Title: Commercial Director in charge of Development
Email Address: r.soeze@newrest.eu
Phone Number: 514-213-9300


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